Mother India’s Mango Pickle

Pickle making process in my family used to be a big deal. We always used raw mangoes plucked from our backyard. My Kaka used to mix all the pickle ingredients and fill them up in huge pickle jars. And then after a substantial waiting period we would all devour it with bhaat and tuup (rice... Continue Reading →

Chicken biryani

Biryani, not biriyani Chicken biryani 1kg chicken on the bone4.5 cups of long grain basmati rice2 large onions4 heaped tablespoons of ginger garlic paste1 small bunch of fresh coriander and mint1/2 cup of cooking oil1/4 cup ghee5 tablespoons thick yogurt, beaten1 juice of lemon Powdered spices:2 tablespoons garam masalaStore bought biryani masala1 tablespoon Kashmiri red... Continue Reading →

Baked Mathri

I had half a packet of Jowar atta lying around. Usually the old atta is useless when you want to make Bhakri. Most people end up adding a bunch of herbs, spices and onions and end up making Thalipeeth (another savoury roti of sorts) Anyway, took me a while to get back to blogging and... Continue Reading →

Railway mutton curry

I'm back on the blog after a long time. Promise to post some recipes more often. So this weekend we had friends over for lunch and I decided to make some railway mutton curry. Originally, this curry was invented by the world famous Indian railways for the Britishers. Technically it was supposed to be milder... Continue Reading →

Salad series – tips and tricks

So, The Husband, dottie and I decided to get onto a strict salad only diet for dinner, and have been deligently following it over the last month or so. TH and the little one being full fledged carnivores cannot do a salad diet without protein. So now, we have a bunch of green stuff with... Continue Reading →


Sunday was mother's day. I spent the day cooking food for my friends and family. I love it when my house is full of people that I love, just hanging out, eating good food and generally yapping about everything under the sun. I take after my Father. He loved it when our entire family was... Continue Reading →

Banana Chocolate chip loaf

Back to blogging after a really long time. So far, I've only been picture blogging (as if that's a thing?!) on my Instagram and FB page. A lot of you asked me for this recipe. So here goes.. I had a couple of over-ripe bananas at home the other day. I don't fancy making pancakes,... Continue Reading →

Kacche Tamatar ki chutney

Oh hello! Yes, it's been too long since a blog post. School holidays are here and my lo is keeping me busier than usual. The other day after a heavy brekkie at Murugan Idli Shop, we went to Mustafa Center to pick up our groceries and came across these beautiful unripe tomatoes. Gorgeously green, that's... Continue Reading →

Mutton Rassa and Bhakri

I had picked up gongura (red sorrel) leaves from the market last week thinking I will make Gongura Mamsam, a spicy Andhra curry that is usually devoured with piping hot rice or roti. Like all couples, we had a disagreement about how the leaves should be used and unlike all other couples, The Husband won... Continue Reading →

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