My favorite breakkie, Pohe!

This is my first post! Sorry it took me a while to post, because, technical difficulties. Aai Shappat (translation: Mother promise). Speaking of Aai, the first thing that comes to mind is the different types of Pohe she makes. Whenever I come back to SG, she packs a big pouch of Hing Pohe for me. As usual, Mandar and I end up fighting for our share till the last bit.

Yes, it’s called Pohey, not Poha! Us Maharashtrians can and will have Pohe anytime of the day. I mean it! My 7yo woke up hungry and demanded I make Pohe for breakfast today. She probably got really fed up of eating bread and peanut butter. Had no choice than to make it for her, lest she never let me forget it, ever!

Kanda Pohe is also a term used when the boy’s family goes to meet the girl’s family for the first time! So here goes the love story…

What you need:

Pohe – 200 – 250 grams

1 onion chopped finely

2 green chillies, medium sized pieces (else much drama happens if 7yo bites into it)

1 tbsp oil (I normally use canola, but you can use vegetable or sunflower)

1 teaspoon of mustard and jeera seeds

1/2 tsp of turmeric

5-6 curry leaves

Finely chopped coriander

Let’s cook:

Heat oil in a pan/kadhai and add mustard seeds. Post the splutter action add jeera and fry. Add onions, curry leaves and chopped chillies. Fry till the onions start blushing and become pink.

Meanwhile, wash and clean the pohe, without detergent of course.  Add turmeric to the onions, coz hindi movies taught us that blush kiya to haath bhi peeley kar dene chahiye!

Add the pohe to the onion masala. Add Salt to taste and do a couple of baarati wala steps while you mix them together. Put a lid on and let the whole thing steam for 5-6 minutes. Switch off the hob and sprinkle some coriander. Serve it up with some peanut chutney.

Normally, people add some freshly grated coconut and a wedge of lime. Piping hot Kanda Pohe is ready to devour.

image1 (1)


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