Old Monk ice cream..Devil’s way of chilling!

I hosted a Ghazal/Sufi night last Friday. Much croaking happened followed by a lot of food. Baked a beautiful bird (recipe will follow) and then the chicken was hacked to pieces by my good friend Dhruv with much precision. Needless to say we left no bone or flesh go to waste. Juicy goodness!

I know, I’m digressing. So, a couple of days before the party I was racking my brain as to what dessert should be made. I remembered seeing an episode of Headbanger’s Kitchen where Sahil “The Demonstealer” Makhija (lead vocalist of Demonic Resurrection) made Old Monk ice cream. Voila! Inspiration acquired. Let’s get onto the making of ice cream with much demon like possession.

What you need:

Old Monk: 3 tablespoons, and the rest half of the quarter for you 🙂

1 bar of compound chocolate (I used Hershey’s Unsweetened baking bar)

1 small tin (about 250grams) of Condensed Milk

2 teaspoons of Cocoa powder

1 can of thickened cream, 300 mils


Let’s whip:

Firstly chop up the compound chocolate into small bits the way Dexter Morgan would. Melt it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Alternatively use the double boiler method. Double boiling method is when you fill a saucepan with water, and place a second saucepan on top and let the steam from the bottom pan cook the ingredients in the upper pan. While this is happening, pour yourself a nice stiff one of that OM with coke and lots of ice.

After the melting action, mix the condensed milk into the chocolate and admire the glistening chocolate mixture for 10 seconds (because you know, it’s going to get into your system soon and help you add a few kilos). Now, take another large sip of your drink, coz believe me, you need some energy for the next few steps.

Add cocoa powder and the gorgeous Old Monk and mix again. Dunk the thickened cream completely into this mix and get ready to whisk with full energy till you get nice stiff peaks of the creamy Old Monk mix. Don’t over mix. The only way to make sure over mixing doesn’t happen is to stop when you get stiff peaks. Keep sipping that OM!

Transfer the contents into a nice box and store it in the freezer. To serve, scoop it up into serving bowls, grate some of that leftover compound chocolate onto the ice cream and add a dash of Old Mr Monk for that extra kick! Make it, serve it. I’m pretty sure you or your guests will not be disappointed!



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