Fusion thali

Thali is a big deal in India. There are so many different types, it’s mind blowing. Usually it has a couple of curries, roti or poori, rice and dals along with papad and pickles. Delish! Last weekend I made a fusion thali. There was spicy chicken curry, bagara rice. There was also Sol Kadhi which totally deserves a separate blog post.


The spicy chicken curry and Sol Kadhi have Maharashtrian influences while the Bagara rice is a typical Hyderabadi dish. Bagar means tempering with spices and onions and lots of green chillies. The chicken curry and rice are spicy, the Sol Kadhi (a coconut milk based side dish) balances out the heat. Let’s get started then..

Spicy Chicken curry. What you need:

500 grams skinless chicken
1 pack of coconut cream
5-6 Dry red chillies
2-3 onions
Small bunch of fresh coriander
2-3 cloves of garlic
Fresh ginger, the size of a small pencil eraser
1 cup water
Salt as needed

Let’s cook:

Step 1- In a small microwave proof bowl break the red chillies and add a little water. Microwave it for a minute on high setting. This will soften the chillies a little bit and it will aid in making a fine paste.

Step 2- Chop the onions into small quarter size pieces. In a small grinder make a fine paste of onions, garlic, ginger, coriander and softened red chillies.

Step 3- Heat a little oil and add the paste. Fry till the oil separates.


Step 4- Add chicken and fry for 5 – 7 minutes making sure the masala coats the chicken.

Step 5- Add 1 cup of water and salt as needed. Cook for about 15-20 minutes. Add the coconut cream at the end. Give it a stir and switch off the heat and set aside.

Let’s move on to Bagara rice made in microwave. What you need:

300 grams of Basmati rice washed and soaked for 30 minutes
1 big onion finely sliced
1 cinnamon stick
1 bay leaf
1 teaspoon shahjeera (caraway seeds)
1 tablespoon ginger garlic paste
Small bunch of fresh mint finely chopped
Small bunch of fresh coriander finely chopped
2-3 green chillies
Salt as needed
1 tablespoon of Vegetable or Canola oil
Water for rice

Step 1- In a small pan heat 1 tablespoon of oil. When the oil is hot, add shahjeera, cinnamon, bay leaf,chillies and ginger garlic paste. Saute for 30-40 seconds. Add onions and saute till they turn pink. Turn off the heat.

Step 2- To the soaked basmati rice add water, salt and onions sauteed with the spices. Add chopped mint and coriander and give it a stir.

Step 3- On high setting, cook the Bagara rice for 20-22 minutes. Once it’s done, fluff up the rice and serve it with the spicy chicken curry and tomato onion salad.

PS: The time for your rice to cook totally depends on your microwave.

Bagara rice tastes really good with any vegetarian curry.

Happy cooking you all!


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