Ghee roast chicken

This is The husbands favorite chicken starter. We first tasted this in a restaurant called ‘Tansen’, in Hyderabad. Ever since our taste buds have been craving for this dish. Here’s my own tried and tested version.

1/2 kg Chicken

1/2 tsp Turmeric

2 tbsp Red chilly powder

1 tbsp Garam masala powder

2 tbsp Roasted Cashew nut

1 Juice of one lemon


1 cup Finely chopped fresh coriander

1 1/2 tbsp Ginger garlic paste

1/4 tbsp Curd

1/4 tbsp Vegetable oil

Let’s cook

Step 1: Wash, clean and pat dry the chicken pieces. I usually use chicken fillet for this dish, which is easy to clean and chop.

Step 2: marinate the chicken with chilli powder, turmeric, salt, ginger garlic paste and garam masala powder. I usually add half a teaspoon oil when I’m marinating along with lemon juice to tenderise the meat.

Step 3: finally add curd to the meat. Cover and refrigerate for a minimum of two hours if not more.

Step 4: heat ghee in a pan/kadhai, and add chicken. Once the chicken is properly fried, add a little bit of water (maybe 4-5 teaspoons) so that all that spicy masala comes together in the pan. Cover the pan and let the chicken cook for about 15 mins. Make sure you keep stirring every 3 mins to ensure the chicken is not charred.

Step 5: meanwhile in a small pan, add a little bit of oil and brown the cashew nuts.

Step 6: add the cashew nut to the chicken and mix it well for 3-5 minutes so that the masala is well coated on them.

Step 7 : remove the chicken and garnish with fresh coriander

Step 8 : enjoy it with your favorite drink….chomp away!!!


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