Salad series – tips and tricks

So, The Husband, dottie and I decided to get onto a strict salad only diet for dinner, and have been deligently following it over the last month or so. TH and the little one being full fledged carnivores cannot do a salad diet without protein. So now, we have a bunch of green stuff with some delicious protein that we either bake, or lightly pan fry. I know a lot of moms and dads who rack their brains on what to cook for dinner/lunch and what kind of dressing goes with what salad. I’m not the kind the mom, who spends too much time thinking of dressing my salad with gourmet sauces.

I decided buy some dressings from the supermarket and go with it. So here’s what I picked up. Invest in a couple of great Nandos sauces. They have varied spice levels and go great with salads. Store brought Black pepper sauce works well with chicken. Marinate and bake for 20 minutes and you have a nice juicy chicken. We use a variety of meats, both fresh and frozen.

Classic French dressing from Tesco is awesome too. Drizzle a bit and enjoy the tanginess and freshness of the salad.

For the salad itself, I pick up iceberg or romaine lettuce. The local Thai lettuce is great too. For variation, replace with rocket leaves, spinach and whatever greens you can find. No fuss!

Invest in a great salad spinner. It’s such a life saver. Great way to keep the kids occupied, and help you a little in the kitchen.

I always pan fry some bell peppers, baby corn, zucchini and mushrooms in a little bit of olive oil. Blanch some broccoli and throw into the salad. We love our veggies too, you know.

Play with the ingredients, don’t just keep eating greens. Adding some cooked black beans, brown rice, sweet corn, chickpeas, avocados or just boiled eggs will give a great Mexican twist to the salads.

If you want to make salad dinners more fun, boil and add some pasta. I usually go with macaroni, orzo,penne and fussili. Soak some sprouts and use them or simply cook some quinoa or millets as the salad base.

Believe me, with just salad dinners, I’m spending a lot less time (and sweating very little) in the kitchen. The laborious task of making a curry, roti, dal and rice is off my mind completely. The fact that both my pressure cookers have concked off is a good sign.

A good friend of mine wrote to me the other day saying she’s always thinking about what to make for dinner. As cooks, after a certain time, it gets mighty boring to plan the menu. If you are willing to try this out, hope the tips I’ve shared with you today help. Now go grocery shopping, pick out the freshest ingredients and have an awesome, yet, light dinner and don’t forget to watch MasterChef Australia whilst eating your salad. Really puts your cooking skills into perspective and makes you appreciate food like never before!


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