Salad series – tips and tricks

So, The Husband, dottie and I decided to get onto a strict salad only diet for dinner, and have been deligently following it over the last month or so. TH and the little one being full fledged carnivores cannot do a salad diet without protein. So now, we have a bunch of green stuff with... Continue Reading →



Sunday was mother's day. I spent the day cooking food for my friends and family. I love it when my house is full of people that I love, just hanging out, eating good food and generally yapping about everything under the sun. I take after my Father. He loved it when our entire family was... Continue Reading →

Mutton Rassa and Bhakri

I had picked up gongura (red sorrel) leaves from the market last week thinking I will make Gongura Mamsam, a spicy Andhra curry that is usually devoured with piping hot rice or roti. Like all couples, we had a disagreement about how the leaves should be used and unlike all other couples, The Husband won... Continue Reading →

Nihari in 5 steps

For all those who love mutton, this recipe is such a treasure. Nihari is a slow cooked meat/stew originating from either Dilli or Pakistan. Not too sure. Anyway, the Hyderabadis have equally, if not more, made this dish popular. True Story! Go to any roadside cafe (kay-f) you will find a nice big pot of... Continue Reading →

Dum Aloo – Guest edition

I believe in sharing recipes from home cooks whose talent has never been exposed. We kick started this theme last month and I've faced a little bit of lull finding home cooks who wanted to get featured on our blog. But then I realized, the sheer number of awesome cooks in my family who make... Continue Reading →

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