Spicy Paella

I find everyday dal, chawal, roti and bhaji boring. I have very effectively spoiled Mandar and Aanya by feeding them different dishes every single night! So proud! Sometime back ('Parsum ich' i.e.1 year ago) I tried my hands on Jamie Oliver's Spanish Paella, or as my husband calls it Spanish Khichdi! It was my most... Continue Reading →

Oven baked Tandoori chicken

I started eating non-veg food quite late in my life. My first taste of meat was when someone forced me to stuff my face with a big morsel of mutton biryani. Hated the taste of mutton back then! Next logical step was to taste chicken. Along with a bunch of friends I had Chicken Biryani... Continue Reading →

My favorite breakkie, Pohe!

This is my first post! Sorry it took me a while to post, because, technical difficulties. Aai Shappat (translation: Mother promise). Speaking of Aai, the first thing that comes to mind is the different types of Pohe she makes. Whenever I come back to SG, she packs a big pouch of Hing Pohe for me.... Continue Reading →

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