Methi pulao with Millets and Crispy fried Karela

  A few weeks back I tasted Methi (fenugreek leaves) pulao at a friends place. Instantly loved the taste. I love methi. I will eat anything that's green, except frogs and snakes. I also love bitter gourd aka Karela (not to be confused with Kerala,the Indian state). Most people (read The Husband) don't like Karela... Continue Reading →


Fusion thali

Thali is a big deal in India. There are so many different types, it's mind blowing. Usually it has a couple of curries, roti or poori, rice and dals along with papad and pickles. Delish! Last weekend I made a fusion thali. There was spicy chicken curry, bagara rice. There was also Sol Kadhi which... Continue Reading →

Stuffed Brinjal and Millet roti

Feels good to be back after a long gap and this time I'm bringing you a recipe from a guest. Jayshree Prasad is a loving wife, mother and grandmother who lives in Bangalore. She visits her daughter every now and then, here in Singapore. With each visit she spreads a lot of joy and smiles... Continue Reading →

Mushroom Miso Barley Risotto

I started eating Japanese cuisine only recently and whatever I've tasted so far has been delicious. Ramen is the world's favorite food! Come on... noodles dunked in spicy soup, garnished with veggies, condiments and meat!! No convincing needed to have ramen on any given day. This post, however, is about Risotto! As you know, Risotto... Continue Reading →

Spicy Paella

I find everyday dal, chawal, roti and bhaji boring. I have very effectively spoiled Mandar and Aanya by feeding them different dishes every single night! So proud! Sometime back ('Parsum ich' i.e.1 year ago) I tried my hands on Jamie Oliver's Spanish Paella, or as my husband calls it Spanish Khichdi! It was my most... Continue Reading →

Oven baked Tandoori chicken

I started eating non-veg food quite late in my life. My first taste of meat was when someone forced me to stuff my face with a big morsel of mutton biryani. Hated the taste of mutton back then! Next logical step was to taste chicken. Along with a bunch of friends I had Chicken Biryani... Continue Reading →

My favorite breakkie, Pohe!

This is my first post! Sorry it took me a while to post, because, technical difficulties. Aai Shappat (translation: Mother promise). Speaking of Aai, the first thing that comes to mind is the different types of Pohe she makes. Whenever I come back to SG, she packs a big pouch of Hing Pohe for me.... Continue Reading →

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